Hey Stranger

Hey Stranger,
I saw you yesterday in the while I was walking past the row of shops on Moroccan Street in the mall nearby. You were in that overly fancy and pretentious-looking barber shop with the transparent glass walls where its prices start from a steep, RM58. Well, what is steep to me may not seem the same to you.

My stride is long and fast, so I almost did not catch your glance at me through the mirror in front of you. I remember the distinct stink of a hardware store enveloping the air, momentarily forgetting that there was in fact, a hardware store on the same floor. I was expecting to breathe in the scent of fresh cologne and hair wax, imagining to be in the same space as you were in.

Looking at you, I could not help but feel a twinge of familiarity, a sense of belonging, like I was home. I have a feeling I have seen you on campus. Or maybe he just an innocent passerby I have encountered before? I quickly turned to my friend who was catching her breath while attempting to keep up my brisk walk. “Dude, isn’t he cute? He looks awfully familiar”, I quickly told her in one breath. Without skipping a beat, she did a full 180 degrees turn to walk back to the barber shop and take a second look at you, as I trailed behind her, waiting for her commentary on my opinion.

“Yash, he looks a lot like him, don’t you think?”.

All it took was that one sentence to bring back memories that came in flooding like a wave. When will I ever get over him? 

I was hoping you could tell me, stranger.


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